DEA Meeting: Remarkable Affairs Catering

Mike Mirau introduced Mark McDaniel, whom he first met at Prestonwood at another networking meeting.  Mark is a world-class networker!  Mike has used Mark’s personal chef services and event catering.  Their food tastes fantastically good!  Get to know him well; he often says “I met someone you should know (or work with)”.  They are one of the top catering companies in Dallas according to the Dallas Business Journal.

Mark takes referrals seriously; he will not refer someone unless he knows them and has used their services.

Mark McDaniel shared today about some of the life lessons he has learned.  Mark has a background of serving tables and started doing some catering on-the-side, but then 911 occurred and he started his catering business full-time.

Mark believes people can change.  He used to weigh 297 pounds; when he was young, he used to be painfully shy.  When Mark was 16-years old he was a weekend porter very briefly and then started working at Burger King.  When a cashier quit, Mark went to work at the cash register, with his manager coaching him so he would be loud enough to be heard at the drive-through window.  They served about 700 customers on any shift; Mark got over his shyness.

At Burger King, Mark also learned about service.  Most of his co-workers were women about twice his age.  One day, his co-worker needed to go over to 7-11 to pick up some things; Mark was on his break and offered to run the errand for them.  They needed him to pick up sanitary napkins.  After he returned, his co-workers took him under their wing.  They appreciated his service.

When Mark discovered the wonder of Burger King’s shake mix, his manager didn’t fire him, as he had every right to do for stealing.  Instead, his manager took the time to explain the P&L statement line-by-line, so Mark could understand the cost of small things in running a business.

At Remarkable Affairs Catering, they are passionate about what they do!  Mark doesn’t always have to do food, but he will probably always be in service to other people.  Mark loves it when they really bust it and people say “that is the best crab cake (or whatever) I have ever had!”

If you want to know more about what they do, come Thursday to the Remarkable Affairs Cafe!  The Open House/Booksigning will be from 4-7pm.  Great food and adult beverages will be served!

The cafe is at 2727 LBJ, suite 140, Farmers Branch, 75234, as shown below.  Or, click on the link for the Open House/Booksigning to see a map.

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