DEA Meeting: Maude Cejudo Physical Therapy

Rob Eads introduced Dr. Maude Cejudo with Dallas Manual Therapy.  Rob first met Maude when she joined the DEA; he has enjoyed getting to know her, especially through a business group in the DEA.  Rob participated in Maude’s doctoral research study and she fixed his shoulder pain!  She is very good at what she does!

Maude started in neurology and rehab.  When she went out in the world to work, she found that everyone has orthopedic problems, so she got a Masters in Physical Therapy and then a Manual Therapy Doctorate and then her PhD.  She wants to find the root of the problem and help you recover from it.

Maude used her skeleton, Honore, and also great photographs of specific areas and work she does to fix pain in many areas of the body.  There are several common problems with the neck, shoulder and shoulder blade.  There are actually 4 joints in the shoulder which can each get affected, which is why the shoulder can have so much trouble; but she can usually have good results in 2 months.  Problems in the thoracic area can cause pain when you breathe or in the upper part of the lower back and ribs.  Maude can move specific vertebrae and adjust them to fix problems.  Maude showed pictures of her work with internal and external rotation of the hip as well as on the knee cap, femur and tibia.  She can determine which area is affected and causing the pain, or if there are more areas involved.  Feet can be a major problem for people and can get stiff:  if you want a happy back, you want happy feet!  Maude also uses Lynn Zeto’s laser for nerve problems to help relax the nerves and speed healing.

Yes, you have to do some exercises!  Maude has you do some at the office and some at home to hold the correction she has done.

Maude showed photos of correct computer screen, chair, arm and feet positions while sitting at a desk to avoid back problems.  You need arm rests on your chair or you will have problems!  Maude also showed her favorite exercise, which you can do at home on your sofa!  You can do it for you low, mid, and upper back and it will guard against back problems and forward head!  Basically, sit on your sofa with your buttocks against the arm of the sofa, cross your arms across your chest and lean back over the arm of the sofa.  You can scoot down on the sofa so the sofa arm is across your mid-back and do the same stretch.  Finally, scoot down further to do the stretch for your upper back.  Maude recommends doing each exercise 10 times a day!

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  1. Dr. Maude is just the best! I have seen her and several times and sent family members to her. She diagnoses the situation quickly and is honest about what treatments you need. Dr. Maude is very qualified and knows her strengths. Great therapist.

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