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Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending, told his cautionary tale of a printer.  Two years ago, when Ron changed branches, he needed a new multi-function printer.  So, naturally he called Brad Swann at Copynet, and the next day Copynet had someone at his office with a new printer.  He worked alongside Ron’s IT Department to get everything all set up and a half hour later Ron was all set up!  A few months ago, another loan officer joined their firm and he too needed a printer.  Ron, of course, referred Copynet to this new loan officer, but he said he was good – he ordered a new printer online and it would be there in 5 days…which was 4 days longer than Ron had to wait!  Ron walked by this loan officer’s desk this week and his printer is still in the box!  So, the cautionary tale is if you need a printer – call don’t click!

Natalie Blake is a recently new Account Manager with Copynet Digital Imaging Solutions.  She has heard many great things about her predecessor, Brad Swann, and hopes that one day hopefully she can meet him!  Although Natalie is new to Copynet, she is committed to continuing the relationships that Brad started at DEA and she is also committed to contributing to the organization.

Natalie is married to her husband Matthew and has two sons, Jackson (12) and Nathaniel (10).  Jackson plays football for Arbor Creek Middle School, although, she is pretty sure he is one of the smallest on the team. He also plays the trombone, which is about the same size as him!  Nate enjoys Theatre and was cast last year as Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

Natalie is originally from Minnesota and thinks she has now lost the accent!  She shared several photos of her growing up, including the Olan Mills family portrait – which pictured Natalie, her sister, two half-brothers, her mother, and her Grandfather.  Natalie is Ukrainian and speaks it fluently.  She grew up going to Ukrainian Orthodox Church and spent every Saturday at Ukrainian School at her church.  Besides going to school, she also loved dancing and ballet.

In 1999, Natalie was crowned Miss Minnesota and went on to compete in the 2000 Miss America pageant.  It was a pivotal time in her life, and she took a year off from college to travel around the state as Miss Minnesota.  Again, she shared some fun pictures of her journey – including a picture of Donny and Marie Osmond, who hosted the Miss America pageant that year.  One of her introducing herself to millions of people on national television – no big deal at all! She met many amazing friends through the process, several are still good friends today.  She shared another picture of her with a Jesse Ventura t-shirt on, the then Governor of Minnesota, she had to really own that!  Judge Judy was a judge for the pageant that year and she asked Natalie for her stance on why he was a good role model for young people…that is one thing she will never forget!  She also competed with Dr. Jennifer Caudle (Dr. Jen), Miss Iowa, who is well-known for her many television appearances on health topics.  Also pictured was Heather French, who won the Miss America title that year, and is now the Secretary of State for Kentucky.

After her Miss Minnesota tour, Natalie moved to Las Vegas to audition for a show at The Mirage.  She was cast in it; you might have heard of it…Siegfried and Roy!  She worked on that show for two years, up until the accident.  She stayed in Las Vegas for several more years working in entertainment and volunteered as the State Director for the Miss Nevada program.

And now she is at Copynet!  So, what is Copynet?  Copynet is a dealership located in Plano.  They sell several different brands including; Ricoh, Kyocera, Epson, and they are also a preferred HP dealership.

What kind of copier do I need? There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right machine:

  • Paper Size
  • Volume
  • Functions (print, copy, scan, fax)
  • Finishing Options
  • Footprint
  • Industry
  • Use your Account Manager for guidance
  • Service / Maintenance / Supplies

Why Use Copynet?

  • Tenure
  • Family Owned
  • Industry Changes
  • Account Management
  • Service
  • Process
  • People

Although, Natalie has always loved sales, she would have never thought she would be selling copiers!  She is still learning and knows that the groups and people you surround yourself with is very important and has a big impact on your success.  She values that and is happy to help with anyone’s needs!  Find out more about Copynet here.

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