DEA Meeting: Audio Video Innovations

Michael Bosco introduced Keith Brown with Audio Video Innovations.  Keith is a great friend and AVI does amazing work!

Keith’s daughter is Harper Kate and his wife is Heather.  Keith is the Manager of Business Development & Marketing at Audio Video Innovations.  Keith would love to work with any of us directly, but the people he does most of his business with are architects, remodelers, custom home builders, landscape designers, and interior designers.  When you hear those words, think of Keith!

Today, every home is a smarthome!  Audio Video Innovations is a full-service technology company, which means they do everything low voltage.  He tells his clients that if it plugs in and it doesn’t make toast, they probably work with it.  They do very high-end systems, but also much simpler solutions.  Audio Video Innovations uses products that work together well for a great customer experience!  They specialize in custom full-home solutions that are: reliable, intuitive, and attractive!  They want to be:  “the best at things that matter most!”

In an ideal world, every house has one app, one interface, that controls the whole house.  The point is to give you a lot of controls that work together so the things you are already doing in your home do a lot more for you.  The One App Home provides scenes, which are actions that you want to take place together.  Everyone has scenes in their daily lives, such as getting up in the morning, when you want certain lights turned on, blinds opened, and perhaps music or coffee started.

The process ideally starts with the architect before the home-builder has been chosen.  Then, they can define where everything will go as the plans are being made.  They rough-in the technology in the home early in the building process and will be back in about 10 months to trim it out.  They come again about the time of the final cleaning to put on the finishing touches.

Some of the technology they like are:  Samsung frame TV’s, Lutron lighting control, Lutron motorized shades, and Sonos for music systems in your house.  Lighting control done well can centralize the lighting loads in great-room spaces from 7-10 switches to just one key pad with a general on and off as well as a few other scenes.  Lutron Caseta switch uses the same technology and can replace one switch for about $50; it just has one switch cover style that you can get, but it works great!  Motorized shades and screens allow you to control the natural light in a beautiful way!  They love Sonos; having music in your whole house so you can use it often (for about $200/room) is amazing!

Audio Video Innovations does a lot of work with WiFi.  If you are having trouble with your WiFi , you might be able to use mesh Wi-Fi for better wireless in your home.

HDTVI cameras are relatively new and can be used to replace existing analog cameras with coax cable, but give you HD!

Acoustic treatments allow beautiful “art installation” of a feature wall that can solve acoustic problems.  This can also be a great solution in a conference room!

For voice control, they love Josh AI!  It allows compound commands, so it really is becoming a robot butler.  They incorporate Alexa in all of their smart homes.

“A” lead: anyone you know who is going to build, purchase or remodel their home, office, or retail space.

“B” lead:  any of you interested in upgrading your home or business.

“C” lead: custom home builders, architects, landscape architects, and interior designers.  When you hear those words, think of us!

Barbara Scribner asked about the areas they service.  Keith said they have a client in Montana and lots of clients in Vail, though they certainly handle the local area!

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