Core Focus: TeksInc is the IT Department for Businesses and Non Profits with 5 to 100 computers and servers. Our client base is in every industry from Law Firms to Manufacturers.

TeksInc History & Mission: For more than 10 years, the experts at TeksInc have been exceeding the IT needs of clients from a wide range of industries and non-profit arenas. We believe in preventing issues before they occur. In business, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. Outages and lost production are many fold more expensive to a business than the repair costs or, preferably, the prevention costs. We have found that our clients that allow us to take better care of their systems do not have unplanned outages.

Our high rate of customer satisfaction stems from our commitment to integrity and honesty, as well as our desire to be much, much more than just another vendor. In order for TeksInc to be an effective business partner and seamlessly serve as your ‘IT Department,’ it’s vital for us to understand your company’s history, culture, goals, roadmap and unique needs. The result is a true, long lasting business relationship.

Classification: IT Managed Services


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Date Joined: 02/2015


Darren Gardner
Board Secretary/Treasurer

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