Maude Cejudo, Inc.

Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic since 2003. Outpatient advanced physical therapy clinic with individualized treatment of manual therapy including manipulation (specialized hands on techniques to reduce pain and improve movement) and therapeutic exercise. Your symptoms will come and go until the problem goes away.

Pain can interfere with the simplest parts of our daily routine, affecting our entire quality of life. At this physical therapy clinic, we believe there are two steps to dealing with pain – finding the origin and resolving the problem. Because once the problem is gone, so is the pain that came with it.

Feel Better Faster

Research shows that manual therapy results are reached quicker and with fewer treatments than with traditional physical therapy methods. This is a positive, proven, cutting-edge treatment that works with your body in healing and is statistically faster than traditional physical therapy treatment.

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Maude Cejudo, Inc.

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