Why Join?

What Are the Benefits of Membership?

Your firm will benefit from additional executive salespeople who will help market your products and/or services.

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Your firm will receive many new “dependable sources of supply” serving you expeditiously and economically.

Your firm will generate new business potential.

Your firm will develop new business friends and contacts. You will receive an active and regular forum for the discussion of any business or financial problem with peers who are interested in your welfare.

How Can You Become A Member?

The Dallas Executives Association is an exclusive and highly selective association of businesses represented by top executives/decision makers. Membership is by invitation only. It is limited to one firm in each business or professional classification. Thus, each classification is protected and competition between members is practically non-existent.

To be proposed for membership your business must fall within an available classification that is open. This classification must represent at least 60% of your business. The member must hold a decision-making position within your company. Your business must have at least two years of operation.