Weekly Meeting Posts

DEA Meeting: Guaranteed Express Courier Service

Darren Gardner with TEKSInc. introduced Jennifer Blakeney.  When Darren joined the DEA 3-4 years ago, Jennifer was one of the ...

DEA Meeting: Halo Branded Solutions

Chris Boots shared about the benefits of long-lasting, repeat exposure from promotional products and some of the great services Halo ...

DEA Meeting: Peopleistic LLC

Gary De Rodriguez, CEO of Peopleistic USA shared about the strategies they use to build leadership competency and team performance.

DEA Meeting: Alamo Title

Tessa Bache-Wiig shared about Alamo Title - Biggers Law Firm which distinguishes themselves by their service and client-focused transactions!

DEA Meeting: Take Time to Travel

Bobby Cave answered travel questions! They can arrange travel whether you need a full-package arranged or just part of a ...